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Switched on Cycles was established by Kim Houghton and Simone Annis to bring good quality, mid priced electric bicycles to Canberra and the region.

Electric bikes are great fun to ride, come complete with lights and racks, and make ducking down the shops a joy. These bikes extend your range without making you sweat (too much!) and help you get to work or keep up with the kids. Whether your interest is getting back on a bike, or keeping on the bike, we have a bike to suit your needs.

Did someone mention suits? Commute in a suit! Our bikes let you ride to work dressed in your best, without raising a sweat and with a range of up to 90kms, at about 10 cents per charge, you don't have to worry about the expense of a second car, bus fares or parking fees and that means you can leave the car at home! Our warranties also take the worry out of owning an e-bike.

On top of this, owning one of our bikes means you can say no to lycra!

The bicycle itself is the most perfect human powered vehicle. So why clutter it up with electric? Because it makes a bike a real car alternative for lots of people.

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Upcoming Demo Day

Ever wanted to try an e-bike? We frequently hold Demo Days around Canberra. More info here

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Free test rides

Try before you buy! 2 days trial for free! We are importers and to keep our costs down we don't have a shop front, so to arrange a trial, look at a bike or for more info contact us on:

ph. 02 62626234 or 0450960545

Great bikes, great prices

E-bikes are not just for the rich, we have bikes to suit everyone, mountain bikes, townies, folding bikes, wheel conversion kits, commuter bikes, trics..... view our complete product range.

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