Book a test ride

Not sure if an e-bike is you? Or not sure which e -bike is for you? Try before you buy! Book an obligation free 2 day test ride or hire a bike for a while! Only $50 a week. Best days for testing are Tuesday - Thursdays, other times (including weekends and after work) by arrangement.

We have a dedicated test fleet (models right) which you can use to determine which bike suits you best.

Contact us on 62626234 or 0450960545 or email to see whether the bike you want to test is available and to arrange a test ride.










Read about other people's test rides here.





Test bikes

Perpetual Motion II (MTB style 26" e-bike)

Breez-ee II (hybrid style 26" e-bike)

E-commuter II (large frame front motor 700c wheels, European style e-bike)

Super Commuter (large frame, 700c wheels MTB style bike)

Low down (20" folding bike with low step through frame)

E-city Roller (townie style e-bike)

Gear-ee II (20" folding e-bike)

Volto Star (20" folding e-bike no gears)

Volto CF (16" folding e-bike no gears: suitable for kids 7 up)

Converted bike (conventional hybrid style 26" bike retro-fitted with a front wheel kit).