Our Services

Repairs, maintenance and customizing - unique bikes for unique people.

Apart from selling bikes, Switched on Cycles also designs, repairs, services and customizes electric bikes in Canberra and the region (including bikes from other electrical bike companies). Our mechanical services are provided by Alex McNee, from the Natural Engine Shop. In Alex's words:

"The Natural Engine Speed Shop is a bike business that specialises in cycling solutions. From general repairs, to customisation of your favourite steed, the aim is to find solutions to make your cycling an enjoyable experience rather than a battle against an ill fitting or not for purpose machine. We also specialise in recumbents, folding bikes and load bikes as part of presenting solutions that you may not easily find in your local bike shop. We have over 12 years experience in the mainstream bike industry and both the extensive mechanical experience and knowledge of the industry to allow us to find solutions to your cycling needs.

Working with Switched on Cycles is a natural extension to our work - as well as assisting with the mechanical needs of their dedicated E-bikes, the capacity to work together to deliver retrofits of electric assist motors to existing bikes provides yet another potential cycling solution not commonly available in the market place".

Recumbant fitted with one of our Convert-ee wheel kits

Beat the hills!





Upgrades Available

If you've got one of our previous model bikes and you would like to update it to reflect the changes we've made to our newer models, give us a call and we can book you in with Alex. Some of the most popular upgrades are:

Thorn proof tyres - All our customers think these tyres are a very worth while investment. Fit yourself for $40 per tyre ($20 labour if you want us to fit).

Brake upgrade - replace Zoom brakes with Tektro brakes and levers. Tektro brakes are better quality, easier to adjust and maintain (especially if you travel or don't live in Canberra - Tektro parts are available everywhere). $120 including parts and labour.

Chain ring upgrade - need more ability to push when your bike is in 7th gear? Changing from a 35 tooth to a 52 tooth chain ring means you can push harder and go faster on the flat or down hills. $100 including parts and labour.

Adjustable forks with lock out - Want to be able to adjust you forks or lock them out (no bounce, more efficient for use on roads and up hills). $120 including parts and labour.